The Producers

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The Producers UK Tour 2015
The Producers UK Tour 2015
The Producers UK Tour 2015
The Producers UK Tour 2015 - photo

A joyous stage musical adaptation of the Mel Brooks film.

Quite simply this is one of the funniest and most enjoyable of the recent crop of 'film to stage musical' adptations we've had.

When a naive accountant reveals to a scrupulous Broadway producer the potential to make more money out of a flop than a hit, the pair set about finding the worst stage show they can and producing it. And they do. 'Springtime for Hitler' is that flop. How could something like that possibly be a success?

'The Producers' won 12 Tony awards and deservedly so. It's an absolute joy. Jason Manford stars in this new tour, so it'll be nice to see someone local in a starring role.

By: Rob Martin


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