This Last Tempest

Theatre, Shakespeare
This Last Tempest

Part-gig, part-theatre re-imagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Beginning where Shakespeare left off, 'This Last Tempest' gives audiences the rare experience of watching the consequences of the story play out after the what we think of the end.

It explores what happens when you finally gets what you've yearned for, and the implications of sudden freedom after a tyrannical rule. Questioning the very nature of cruelty and whether this is inherent or learned, 'This Last Tempest' explores the damaging effect of violence upon the behaviour of its victims. 

A visual and aural spectacle that immerses the audience in atmospheric sound, the play is by Uninvited Guests, a theatre company who expose the mechanics of theatre, where acting, song, art, noise, movement and spectacle create an experience that is part theatre, part gig.

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