Ensemble Market Party

Things to do
The Angel, Manchester

An event that promises to be 'a musical treat, for your ears, eyes and dancing feet'.

With summer fast approaching, The Angel plan to utilise their sunny courtyard to its best potential by hosting a musical all-dayer.

Along with stalls selling records, vintage, arts and crafts, there will also be live art, a barbecue and face painting.

The clincher, though, promises to be a small army of vinyl collectors including Leon Paddock, Peter Mangalore, Asher Jones, Rick Nicholls, Michael Holland, Andrew Macca and Justin (Badman), each of whom will be bringing along their intimate selection of prized records to spin the tunes.

(This event is split into two parts, with a daytime market taken care of by The Angel, before things move onto Islington Mill for a party that chips well into Sunday's small hours)


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