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Burning Man Who Sold The World  Orlando Fringe
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Burning Man Who Sold The World Orlando Fringe says
Burning Man Who Sold the World
– Written and Performed by David Ortolano with Music Composition and Accompaniment by Kendall Perry


Burning Man Who Sold the World is a new dramedy set in a post-truth era of political correctness and the harsh cost of freedom. The Burning Man is a bearer of “questionable news,” and bears
strong political messages about the current American agenda: The world versus America and America versus itself.

The burning man travels beyond death, through the stars and ultimately lands on a distant planet, a dreamlike utopian society, innocent and childlike. They are completely unprepared for the presence of deception, violence and greed. The man soars through human history carrying a Howard Zinn-like torch burning with cultural collisions and political self-destruction all ending in a new solution to all of the world’s problems (sort of).

Storytelling, multi-media, live music, immersive theater and political satire all combined to shed light on the enormous grave the United States of America has dug for itself.

The play was written in 2002 and workshopped in Europe in 2008. The evening is a premiere opening of the show since its inception, a timely birth of a new crosscurrent in the political climate. “the revolution will, in fact, be televised...” Live showings across the USA and Canada from April to October 2017, beginning in Boulder, CO.

David Ortolano, founder of the Boulder Fringe Festival, former director of the Performing Arts Center at Naropa University and active Colorado artist for 20 years, is on the road with a new tour dates booked across the US and Canada. Also, co-founder of Band of Toughs, theater collaboratory, Ortolano has received awards in performance, design, producing and original works of theater and media in the Denver/Boulder area including Denver Post, Boulder Weekly, Daily Camera and was featured in a New York Times article on Fringe Festivals.

Kendall Perry is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and collaborator expanding the boundaries of art making beyond the usual disciplines. Her music is emotive and meditative while simultaneously fierce and passionate. Her compositions are an effortless musical alchemy pulling from jazz, rock, classical, and a
world music palette, combined with her own visual, cinematic and minimalistic flavor.

more tour info: www.davidortolano.com
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By: Burning Man Who Sold the World

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