Healing With The Chakras With Nischala Joy Devi

Things to do The Soul of Yoga , Sidonia East Thursday October 4 2018
Healing With The Chakras With Nischala Joy Devi
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Healing With The Chakras With Nischala Joy Devi says
Within each one of us there are whirling vortexes of energy called chakras.

Connected through nadis, or channels, that flow up and down our spines, the chakras infuse vitality and knowledge to every facet of our being.

When the pathways are unobstructed, the energy easily flows and we feel whole and healthy.

When the stresses of everyday life intrude, the energetic flow is hindered.

The result is lethargy, anxiety, depression or physiological disease.

As these pathways are unlocked, the pent-up energy effortlessly flows and we are able to heal everything from simple ailments to life-threatening diseases.��

This course will delve intricately into the nature of each chakra, exploring its characteristics, temperaments, relationships with other chakras, and related disharmonies.

For each center we’ll consider the associated modern maladies and examine the question, “Are these preventable or inevitable?”

You will learn to use yogic practices to enhance, balance, and heal each energy center and the related areas of body, mind, and spirit.

These practices, along with a finely tuned consciousness, can lead us to the depth of our soul, enabling us to experience health and wholeness.
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