Festival Images Vevey top picks

A one-of-its kind photography event in the lakeside city of Vevey

Revelations by Marvin Leuvrey with ECAL students

A free outdoor and indoor arts biennale that takes over an entire city with 75 site-specific projects, many of them interactive: photographs become experiences.

For its fifth biennale edition, Festival Images chooses the theme of ‘Immersion’ that invites participation: walk on water (Leuvrey), ‘reveal’ photos with buckets of water (Gil), fish them out of the lake (Delille), dare 3D (Mocafico), tread on ocean floors (Faithfull), slip into a holiday landscape (Parr), listen to digital rain (Collishaw), guess what’s missing (Schirner), sleep in an expo (Soth), ease around a fence (Lutz), chuckle with Winter. But immersion is also meant metaphorically, and with artists from 15 different countries, the festival reveals the artistic and cultural power of photography, just when we thought that it had been swallowed up by selfies and the web.