Grafik 16

Art, Street art
Grafik 16
© Johannes Seifert - Little Robots
Grafik 16
© Nicolas Stark WITZFIGUREN TRUMP by Nicolas Stark
Grafik 16
© Gina GraeserGrafik 16
Grafik 16
© Claude LuethiNote Malik WalkingArea
Grafik - generic
Check out new Swiss artwork at Grafik

A graphic design exhibition bringing together the latest work from Swiss artists.

An exhibition that explores current trends in the changing world of graphic design, Grafik brings together work by young graphic designers, illustrators, typographers and visual artists from across Switzerland. The artwork on display is as new as you are likely to find, with all pieces produced since March 1, 2015 and not shown publicly before. Among the innovative art forms that will descend on Zurich's Maag Halle are classic graphic design, typography, illustration, street art, digital and new media, 3D animation and web design. If the artists are hoping to win commissions and show their work on a national stage, the public will have the chance to mingle with them and find out more about their design processes. Grafik aims to make graphic art accessible to everyone. 

Event phone: 044 245 4010
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