Photo Laundry

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Photo Laundry
©Photo Laundry The interactive Photo Laundry exhibition is coming to Zurich for the first time

A one-day interactive exhibition featuring washing lines as gallery space, Photo Laundry is the first of its kind in Switzerland.

Photo Laundry is a loving nod to the pre-digital era. The idea behind the exhibition is to invite diverse international photographers to display their work on washing lines, thereby recalling a time when pictures had to be manually developed and dried. This improvised exhibition concept was born in Russia, and is now coming to Switzerland for the first time with the Photo International Club Zurich. It is a so-called exchange event too, so you can take away any photo you like. Categories include street, urban, landscape/nature, macro and abstract, while entry to the exhibition is free. Photographers of any age and experience can participate: all you have to do is take along one printed or developed picture to hang on the line – and perhaps write a little message on the back for its future owner. 

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