Steeve Iuncker, photographer of fragility

4 out of 5 stars
Steeve Iuncker, Tatouage, 2012-2016 © Steeve Iuncker
Steeve Iuncker, Tatouage, 2012-2016 © Steeve Iuncker
© Steeve IunckerSteeve Iuncker, Concert, 2012-2016
© Steeve IunckerSteeve Iuncker, Ennui (Boredom), 2012-2016

A poignant fresco on the disenchantment of teenagers

Since it was created in 1985, Musée de l’Elysée has earned the reputation as one of the finest platforms for international photography in Europe. To showcase the images of our times, it doesn’t shy away from controversy and has even faced censorship on more than one occasion. Under the stewardship of the recently appointed Tatyana Franck, who is barely 30, it casts a fresh look on the role of photography today.

With Geneva-based Steeve Iuncker, photography wanders into the realms of death, sex and crime, but without voyeurism. The summer exhibition entitled ‘Se mettre au monde’ (loosely translated as: To give birth to one’s self, as do butterflies when they struggle out of their chrysalides) captures teenagers who have left the innocence of childhood, but are not yet adults. This is a delicate and poignant fresco of adolescence in present day society, more Nan Goldin than Larry Clark. Part-time press photographer, Iuncker keeps a finger on the pulse of humanity as he presses the camera button. 

By: Michele Laird


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