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Five Fantastic Things To Do At Palais Wilson's Open Day In Geneva

The historic building which hosts the UN Human Rights office will open its doors to visitors on June 16 , celebrating seven decades since the human rights declaration was adopted

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Geneva's beautiful historic UN building, Palais Wilson, will open its doors to visitors on Saturday June 16 to celebrate seven decades since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. A full day of activities has been specially curated to give the public an insight into the building's history as well as the fundamental rights that have been established to protect every single person on the planet.

Palais Wilson is one of Geneva's most iconic buildings and all you have to do to get in when it opens its doors for this special day is to register here.

Here are five amazing activities that will be happening on the day... 

1. Film Screenings

Visitors can find out what human rights are and what the United Nations Human Right Office does to promote and protect them with a special selection of short documentaries, as well as works of fiction by renowned international directors.

2. Take The Human Rights Pledge

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show your support for human rights by taking a Pledge while also taking a selfie with Article 1 of the Universal Declaration.

3. Interactive Computer Game

One for the kids (or the child in you); the UN has created an interactive computer game for children between 7-12 which will help them to become experts in human rights. Anyone who successfully completes the adventure will be given a diploma they can take home with them!

4. Tour Of Palais Wilson

Palais Wilson is one of Geneva's historic architectural icons, it was also the first home of the League of Nations. On these insightful tours a local historian will guide visitors around the symbolic building and reveal its many secrets.

5. Print Your Own Copy

How about printing your own copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on a replica of the Gutenberg Press? In partnership with the Geneva Musée de la Réforme you'll have the opportunity to do exactly that and take home a unique gift to treasure forever.

Discover more about the Open Day at Palais Wilson and download the programme HERE 

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