Oral sex service by robots offered by Geneva cafè

Written by
Vin Shahrestani

Plans for a new café in Geneva has attracted international media attention thanks to its concept of offering ...er...added extras... that is unlike any other in the city. We're talking a lot more than a skinny cappuccino.

The firm behind the café, Facegirl, says male customers will be able to order coffee, costing a hefty CHF60 a cup, select a sex robot of their choice from an iPad to give them oral sex and then get "comfortable" at the bar.

Originally the café was planned to have human sex workers. Although prostitution is legal in Switzerland (sex workers require permits), paid-for sexual services are banned in public establishments under catering legislation, said a spokesperson from the Department of Security and Economy.

As a result, the sex café operator has been forced to explore the idea of using robots as a way around the ban and is in talks with a US firm that manufactures lifelike robot-women for up to US$3,000.

If these plans are approved, Facegirl says it will provide up to eight robots to service customers for CHF60 a pop, meaning locals might soon be ordering an "extra shot" at this raunchy café.

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