Robots to begin delivering mail around Switzerland

Written by
Vin Shahrestani

If you weren't convinced that we aren't living in the future, news of robotic sentinels delivering mail in Switzerland might help you think otherwise. 

Swiss Post has announced that they will be testing out drone mailmen in Bern, Köniz, and Biberist as part of an initiative to improve postal services by speeding up deliveries.

According to a Swiss Post statement, the trail is to start in September and it will test the robots' application in "same-day and same-hour delivery, grocery deliveries or even home deliveries of medical products".

The pint-sized robots can run up to two hours or six kilometres (3.7 miles), with a cruising speed of about three kilometres per hour, with a maximum speed of six kilometres per hour.

They can carry up to 10kg at a time and navigate using nine cameras, four frontal sensors and GPS technology.

The trail will be run in partnership with British technology company Starship Technologies, who have outlined the workings of the robot in a neat video.

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