Street food events this spring

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claire doble

Street food, food trucks and pop-up restaurants are having a moment in Switzerland right now. And, for those of us craving something beyond the usual Swiss restaurant fare of rösti/fondue/cordon bleu (delicious as they may be) it’s a welcome development.

Last year saw a mushrooming of foodie festivals, events and pop-ups across the country. From one-off vans selling gourmet sandwiches to food truck festivals in the bigger cities with up to 80 stalls apiece, the street food movement allows for a different, more sociable kind of eat-on-the-go feel.

There's also been long-running foodie events such as the  Lausanne à Table – two months’ worth of foodie events culminating in a huge communal picnic on Switzerland’s national day – and last year's Zurich Isst: (Zurich Eats) a month-long festival featuring food-on-the go via tram or tuk-tuk, pop-up restaurants, a street food weekend and Slow Food events. In fact, Zurich is planning to launch a new, all-encompassing Street Food brand later this year, so watch this space. 

Street Food Days World Food Festival

This spring the whole street food phenomenon kicks off again. So whether you’re craving a curry, enticed by empanadas or want to grab some gyoza, you’ll find it at one of these fun, open air events.

Spring food festivals to look out for include: 

GVA Street Food Fest

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