Why Zurich is my valentine

Written by
Emily Rose Mawson

Zurich, you're simply the best. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Surveys vote you number one time and again, and they can't be wrong. Not just good looking but also full of substance, you’re a dream for everyone who knows you. And with the romantic setting you boast, I can’t think of a better place to spend February 14. If it’s not clear why already, here are some more reasons I'd like you to be my valentine this year.

1. All my friends think you’re fabulous.

2. You’re well travelled and multilingual.

3. You’re a looker and you know it.

4. You have high standards as a homemaker and I love coming back to you.

5. You’re business savvy but a nature lover too. How do you manage such a good blend of big city life with the great outdoors?

6. You always pick me up on time (well, almost always).

7. You never frown upon my sweet tooth and give me plenty of opportunity to indulge …

8. … and you’re only too happy to help me get in shape when I’ve gone too far.

9. You put up with my style mood swings without complaint, whether I fancy designer or vintage, hip or classy.

10. You give me plenty of opportunity for rest and relaxation, but you also know how to give me a good time.

11. You have expensive tastes but you can’t resist a bargain.

12. You accept everyone for who they are, whether they're into culture, music or art.

13. Although your cloudy disposition in the winter can be a bit of a drag, you always make up for it with sunny days to enjoy in outdoor pools.

14. You know how to wine and dine me, whether I want to eat burgersvegetarian or gourmet, or just have a lazy brunch.

15. There’s more to you than people think ...

16. ... I mean, who knew that you brought the legendary Dada art movement to life? 

17. You’re a stickler for tradition but you’re not afraid of moving with the times.

18. You give me bikes for free.

19. You know that thermal baths don't just belong in the mountains.

20. And just to add to your loving nature, you play home to lots of sumptuous hotels for cosying up in. 

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