Zurich: the spiritual home of football

Written by
Vin Shahrestani

It's no surprise that Zurich has become a sporting Mecca for football fans all over the world, with thousand of people year on year converging on Fifa's headquarters for a glimpse of the organisation behind their favourite football tournament. 

But until recently, many have had to settle for just seeing the somewhat unexciting exterior of Fifa's modern building and its the marble lobby, as there isn't much for tourists to actually do around the organisation's office.

The outside of Fifa's headquarters©Fifa

It's perhaps because of these somewhat uninvited visitors that Fifa will now open a museum next year in Zurich's city centre dedicated to football and the legends who have shaped the sport over the century. 

Zurich's building authority approved of the CHF 194 million project in November 2013, allowing Fifa to exhibit football's history through 3D animations, interactive games (such as a giant football pinball machine), displaying the original world cup trophy and hosting the biggest collection of football books in world.

This monument to footballing legacy has around 3,500 square meters of exhibition space over three floors, as well as 1,500 square meters of public space for a gift shop, a sports bar and a bistro-cafeteria that will bring added things to do in Tessinerplatz.

And if you simply can't wait for the until 2016, there is a showroom open to the public to give an idea of how the museum will look as well as its size and capacity. The museum’s exhibition concept will also be presented, while an eight-minute film will take visitors on a virtual tour of the various levels of the museum. 

With such footballing history embedded into Switzerland, perhaps one day the Alpine nation will see itself marking its name into Fifa's World Cup history. 

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