EWZ Stattkino 15 - Tron Legacy

Film, Drama
Tron Legacy, Zurich film screening, Time Out Switzerland

The digital world of Tron Legacy allows for some pumping live breakdancing at this EWZ Stattkino 15 screening.

The sequel to the 1982 film Tron sees Jeff Bridges recreate the character of Kevin Flynn, who is living in the corrupt virtual world he created when his son finds his way into the cyber universe in order to seek him out. A major virtue of the 2010 Tron Legacy is its soundtrack by electro duo Daft Punk, which for this screening provides the perfect backdrop for the acrobatic breakdancing moves of dance troupe Contrast, who will perform live during  the film. The six-strong troupe from Zurich will overlay certain scenes in the film with their own unique interpretation, adding some hopefully thrilling live action to this celluloid story.