Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (LUFF)

LUFF festival
Luff's opening film: 'B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989'
Sissy Spacek plays at LUFF©Aaron Montaigne
LUFF features several workshops ©Martin Peer

The annual festival continues to push boundaries.

Now in its 14th edition, this festival presents the films and musical performances that other festivals won’t. Some 150 films – both new and archival – cover subjects ranging from Alpine erotica to drug-fuelled rock ‘n’ roll to West Berlin’s music scene in the 1980s. Guests include political dissident and human rights activist Rachid Nougmanov, Austrian avant-garde film distributor Peter Tscherkassky, and Jeff Perkins, famed for a project in which he recorded 350 hours of interviews from the yellow taxi cab he drove in New York. There’s also a focus on the creativity coming out of Winnipeg, Canada, thanks to its leading light Guy Maddin.

The 24 music concerts welcome international artists from the world of electronica, including US duo Pedestrian Deposit, Chinese noise addict Mei Zhiyong, US noisecore band Sissy Spacek, Swedish duo Neutral and trance outfit Sly & the Family Drone.

The festival also includes a number of workshops and an international competition for feature film, short film and animation.

Screenings and performances are held predominantly at the Casino de Montbenon, as well as the EJMA, Cinema Bellevaux, La Romandie and Zinema. For locations of each event, check the LUFF website.

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