Le Bedroom at MAD

Le Bedroom
Le Bedroom

Lounge bar and restaurant within MAD.

On the second floor of Le Flon’s mega club MAD, Le Bedroom is a multi-functional place that morphs from lounge-bar to steakhouse to club in its own right as the night progresses. With a boudoir feel and eclectic decor, it’s a great place to go for drinks and dinner before hitting the dancefloor elsewhere at MAD when the club proper opens at 11pm. Unsurprisingly pricey, the food ranges from tapas and salads to larger pasta dishes, burgers and steaks (including a whopping 500g New York Strip Steak for those with large apetites). The place hosts live music gigs and DJ sets in its own right.


Venue name: Le Bedroom at MAD
Address: Rue de Geneve 23
Opening hours: 7.30pm Thu-Sat
Transport: Metro M1, M2; Bus 16, 18
Price: Main courses CHF25-40
Static map showing venue location