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  1. Hotel Allegro Kursaal Bern
    Best hotels in Switzerland - Hotel Allegro in Bern
  2. Hotel Allegro Kursaal Bern
  3. Hotel Allegro Kursaal Bern

Time Out says

Hotel Allegro Kursaal offers modern four star accommodation in Bern's old town, as well as a Michelin starred restaurant.

This four star city hotel offers modern accommodation in the heart of the historic town. Glimpses of the nearby mountains offer regular reminders you're in Switzerland and another bonus is the  décor: contemporary lifestyle that doesn't make an overly bold statement,  so that it's comfy rather than intimidating. The hotel has taken care of all modern amenities, including free wi-fi throughout (not a given in Switzerland) and a compact health and fitness centre that stops short of being a full spa, but offers facilities for post-business or shopping relaxation. While the hotel is considerably less grand than its five star cousins in Bern, it out-does itself with dining options; these include the single Michelin-starred Meridiano and the more casual pan-Asian Yù.


Kornhausstrasse 3
Tram 9
Rates CHF180-430 double
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