Aathal Dinosaur Museum

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Dinosaur Museum Aathal
Dinosaur Museum Aathal
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Dinosaur Museum Aathal

Travel back in time at the Saurier Museum on Lake Zurich.

Aathal's Dinosaur Museum (Saurier Museum) is the largest museum of its kind in Switzerland. Owned and funded by a Swiss palaeontologist, the museum features fossils and skeletons from its own excavations across the globe, as well as loads of other models and displays. It's not cheap to visit but you do get plenty of dino for your CHFs here - from life-size models of all your favourites - brontosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, velociraptor etc. to the requisite T-Rex skull, as well as dinosaur eggs and various paraphernalia. The museum is divided into different sections showing land, sky and sea-dwelling beasts and there's plenty of educational material too (mostly in German) about excavation methods, how to spot a fossil, how the dinosaurs lived and why they died out, including a section on Dinosaurs in Switzerland. The museum may be a bit scary for toddlers but is well worth a visit for kids from around 4-years and up.

By: Claire Doble


Venue name: Aathal Dinosaur Museum
Address: Zurichstrasse 69
Transport: S-bahn S14
Price: CHF11-21
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