Europe on show at Kunsthaus Zurich

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Arnold Böcklin: Die freiheit (Helvetia), 1891
Arnold Böcklin: Die freiheit (Helvetia), 1891

How the theme of Europe has inspired artists over time

Switzerland’s largest and most popular museum has a somewhat lackluster programme this year, although it must be said that the energy going into the long-planned and still-delayed David Chipperfield extension might account for the absence of blockbusters, exception made of the early spring “Japanese inspirations” of Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh”.

But themes are generally crowd pleasers and the irony of presenting a summer expo in Switzerland on the theme of Europe will not be missed. From Arnold Böcklin to Cy Twonbly, via Ferdinand Hodler and Paul Klee, 50 artists celebrate a political and economic alliance that is either doomed to fail, or to succeed. 

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