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Where artists think design and designers think art.

Housed in a white medieval building that overlooks Lausanne, the labyrinthine rooms of mudac showcase exhibitions that are invariably daring and often a little provocative.

mudac’s credo is to keep a finger on the pulse of creativity in design, however extreme. It is now an established presence on the international design circuit and its thematic exhibitions bring the pool of local talent in contact with designers the world over.

In contrast to design in the German-speaking part of the country, which for decades has been recognized for its robust functionality and minimalism, the French-speaking regions have spawned a generation of designers that is fresh, playful and inventive. This spirit is captured by mudac’s director Chantal Prod’hom who used to head Asher Edelman’s Lausanne art foundation and Benetton’s La Fabrica.  

mudac will become part of a new museum complex yet to be built at Lausanne train station, along with the Fine arts museum and Elysée photography museum.


By: Michèle Laird


Venue name: mudac
Address: Place Cathédrale
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Tue-Sun
Transport: Metro 2; bus 6 ,7, 16, 66
Price: Admission CHF10 adults, CHF5 concessions
Static map showing venue location