Ryan Crosson

Ryan Crosson
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Q&A: with Detroit born music producer and DJ Ryan Crosson about the Swiss club scene and his current top tracks that get the dance floor jumping

Ryan Crosson was born and raised in Detroit but for the past several years has based himself in Berlin. He is a founding member of the much-heralded label and "house supergroup" Visionquest, and continues to co-helm both alongside Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves, with fourth founding member Seth Troxler having stood aside to pursue other projects. He maintains a heavy touring schedule both as a solo DJ and as a part of Visionquest's showcase events, which regularly take place at the likes of Fabric in London and DC10 in Ibiza.

Have you played in Switzerland a lot before?

Yes, I've been coming to play in Switzerland since about 2007. Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Cran Montana and Lucerne to name a few. I was probably most active in Zurich early on but lately I've been in Basel and Geneva more.

Do you enjoy playing there, and how do you find the crowds react to your music?

I normally have a good time in Switzerland and find the crowds very responsive. The have a sort of controlled craziness I like.

Where's your favourite Swiss city and club, and why?

My favourites by far were the Cityfox event that used to happen in Zurich but they aren't functioning so much in Switzerland anymore. Cityfox were the first people to bring me to Zurich and I immediately felt right at home with the promoters and the people that attended their events. I felt a good friendship for a long time with the guys who ran them before we lost touch a bit a few years ago. They are now doing events in NYC and I've heard nothing but great things about them.

What three records will people definitely hear in your sets right now?

Shaun Reeves & Tuccilo - Seclusion

Moreon & Baffa - Penzar (Deadbeat Remix)

A Sagittarium – Quartz

What record do you always have on hand to rescue things if a crowd isn't reacting as it should?

Pascal Feos - Sex On the Beat (Wigbert Remix)

How would you describe the niche you fill in the Visionquest trio?

Maybe I'm a bit more punctual, sometimes?!

What's on the agenda for the label in 2015?

A few new artists coming to the roster such as Pezzner, Moreon & Baffa, Sonny Fodera & Gene Farris. Hopefully Cesar Merveille and I will be able to complete our second album soon and get that out on the label as well. We're also introducing new artists via our Brachtune label. And in the spring, Lee, Shaun and I will all have EPs out in succession which we've never done before.


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Ryan Crosson will be playing at Weetamix in Geneva on Feb 6