Retro Pop-Up Lounge

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Retro Pop-Up Lounge
©Mark Niedermann
Retro Pop-Up Lounge
©Courtesy of Nomad Hotel Bar Eatery

Nomad Hotel Bar Eatery in Basel is hosting a retro alternative to Art Basel’s traditional events, with an outdoor living room space for lounging and chilling.

Proposing an alternative to Art Basel’s traditional events, from 13th to 18th June Nomad Hotel Bar Eatery in central Basel is transforming its concrete-clad courtyard into an outdoor living room complete with retro exhibition furniture for lounging and chilling. Enjoy music and visuals by mobile DJ DER AEBERHARDT and the so-called REC-O-GNIZER, which projects the labels of the vinyl records in real time, while sipping a refreshing cocktail or locally brewed Volta bräu beer. There will also be tributes to unsung heroes from obscure genres such as popcorn, porro and exotica from the 50s, 60s and early 70s. Take some time to explore the venue: occupying Basel's first apartment block, Nomad has done wonderful things with lots and lots of concrete. Admission to the event is free.    

Event phone: 061 690 9160
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