Zurich Street Parade

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Street Parade
© Verein Street Parade, ZURICH© Verein Street Parade, ZURICH
Street Parade Zurich
Street Parade Zurich © Stevan Bukvic / tilllate.com
Street Parade, Zurich
Christian Dancker - amiadogroup.com© Verein Street Parade, ZURICH Christian Dancker - amiadogroup.com
Street Parade, Zurich
© Verein Street Parade, ZURICH
Inland - Street Parade 2012
Christian Dancker© Verein Street Parade, ZURICH / Christian Dancker

Get your glad rags ready for Europe's largest techno parade through central Zurich.

Zurich's biggest party of the year happens in August and is a celebration of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance. And, of course, electronic music! The parade consists of around 30 Love Mobiles - floats packed with dancers, DJs and banging sound systems - which roll through central Zurich at walking pace throughout the day. The 2.4 km route starts at Utoquai then follows the lakefront via Bellevue, Quaibrücke and Bürkliplatz and ends at Hafendamm Enge around 10 pm. Then there's after parties across town.

With up to one million spectators attending Street Parade every year, expect large, loved-up crowds, leave your attitude behind and pay attention to the famous Street Parade Dos and Don'ts.