Digital Design Days Geneva: creative business-boosting by day, partying by night

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Geneva is no stranger to progressive thinking and innovation, so it seems a natural fit for a seriously future-facing event to take place there. On February 11-13, Digital Design Days (DDD) will hit Geneva to shake up businesses around the city and further afield, by giving said businesses valuable insights on various cool and useful digital design techniques.

It’s an opportunity for creatives and business leaders to get together, chat, exchange ideas and come up with brand new ideas, focusing on how to make all things digital… well, just better. It’s a simple goal, but it needs a heck of a lot of work to get there, which is where DDD comes in.

The action takes place at HEAD – the Geneva University of Art and Design – and for the 2019 edition, DDD will be partnering with digital creative agency Buzz Brothers. Across the three days, there’ll be workshops and seminars (covering everything from social media marketing to Facebook strategies), digital art installations, networking and – of course – a bit of partying, for when everyone needs to let their hair down after expending all that creative energy.

Some of the big guns will be speaking at DDD to pass on their wisdom, including Erik Klimczak, Senior Design Leader at Uber, and Mauro Porcini, Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo. Kind of goes without saying that those guys know their stuff when it comes to digital wizardry.

To sum up, if your company does anything digitally – and yes, that is pretty much every single company – it’ll very probably benefit from DDD.

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