Fashion and technology collide at a major new exhibition

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Time Out editors

Put down the drab hoodie and take a look at some truly creative and inspiring clothing at an exciting new exhibition in Basel. ‘Making FASHION Sense’ explores how technology and science are being used to create clothing that’s innovative, bold and sometimes even literally alive. Yes, living clothing – it’s a thing.

Taking place at HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), the event will showcase works from a range of global artists and designers, including clothing created with the help of AI, materials containing living organisms and items that blur the lines between wearable garment and art installation. But this isn’t all being done for the sake of novelty, as a key driver of the exhibition is how technology can help increase sustainability within the fashion industry – a look that’s sure to be to everyone’s tastes.

Throughout the exhibition, workshops, activities, panel discussions and guided tours will also take place, covering topics as diverse as dyeing textiles with vegetable dyes, and how to style hair and make-up to avoid automatic face-recognition technology. We all know that fashion has come a long way over the years, but here’s a unique opportunity to see where it’s heading next, thanks to some seriously forward-thinking minds.

‘Making FASHION Sense’ runs from January 15 to March 8. Find out more at HeK’s website.

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