Geneva is capping Airbnb rentals to 60 nights a year

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Time Out contributors

Fear not, Airbnb fans (which is pretty much everyone who goes on holiday). The home rental service is not being phased out – all that’s happening is that city authorities are limiting the number of nights a property can be rented out using the service.

But why? To stop sketchy rule-bending from people renting out homes for extended periods, thus turning it into an under-the-radar sub-letting affair, rather than a crash pad for travellers wanting to explore the city. 

It’s a good thing – honestly – as the move is designed to boost Geneva’s rental market and roadblock a situation where properties sit empty and unused. And anyone wanting to casually let out their home here and there will still be fine, as the 60-day figure has apparently been worked out to cover holiday periods and some weekends. 

The new rule kicks in on April 1, with anyone who flaunts it looking at a fine. Council of State officials in charge of housing have stressed that they’re not booting out Airbnb, but instead stamping-out lawbreaking in the rental sector. As such, Airbnb is on board, though the company is keen for hosts not to encounter extra admin from the decision – which is fair enough.

So, what does this mean for anyone wanting to grab a sweet Airbnb in Geneva? Not much, really. You’ll still have access to all the same lush homes that you did before. And if you want to stay in the city for longer than 60 days? Well... You’ll have to start Airbnb-hopping. Or get some hotels in the mix. Or just do the sensible thing, admit that you love the city and move to Geneva. Because why not?

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