Jet d'Eau, Geneva
Geoff Livingston / Flickr

Geneva’s famous Jet d’Eau has been switched back on

The fountain was turned off on March 20 to help protect staff

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Time Out editors

Geneva’s iconic Jet d’Eau has been switched on again after nearly 12 weeks of inactivity, as Switzerland continues to relax its lockdown rules.

As social distancing and other safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 became more widely used across the country, the famous fountain was switched off on March 20, primarily to help protect staff who work on maintaining the site. It was officially switched back on at 3.30pm on June 11.

Let’s be honest: Lake Geneva has looked a little empty without that 140-metre-high spray, churning out 500 litres of water into the air every second. Sure, it may have graced countless tourist Instagram feeds and become something that simply blends into the background, unnoticed, for the city’s residents, but we’re glad to have it back.

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