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More lockdown restrictions lifted as Switzerland moves back towards normality

Larger public events, including political demonstrations, will soon be allowed, and social distancing will be relaxed

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If you’ve been out and about recently, you’ll have noticed that life in Switzerland is beginning to look a lot more ‘normal ’ (if we can remember what that actually means) thanks to the easing of lockdown measures.

And a new announcement from the Swiss Government on June 19 confirmed that things will keep moving firmly in that direction, as most of the remaining lockdown restrictions are to be lifted.

After the reopening of Swiss borders to more countries on June 15, a new wave of measures are set to be relaxed from June 22 – although one will actually apply from June 20, when political demonstrations of any size can legally take place, with facemasks required for everybody taking part.

From June 22, public gatherings of more than 30 people will be allowed, as will events with more than 300 people, as long groups of 300 are separated out, such as in nightclubs (there’s still a maximum limit of 1,000 people at any event until August 31).

And good news for anyone fed up of being forced to sit down at restaurants: from June 22 you can eat while standing up. Restrictions on opening hours at restaurants, bars and clubs will also be lifted.

Missing close-contact competitive sport? You’re in luck, as those will resume from June 22 as well – think wrestling, boxing, American football, etc.

Finally, social distancing won’t be quite as distant, as the two-metre gap will be narrowed to 1.5 metres, so make the most of that extra 50cm.

The Swiss Government is still urging people to continue taking precautions and staying safe, which means sticking to hygiene advice, keeping that 1.5 metre distance (and wearing a mask if that’s not possible) and getting tested if you experience any Covid-19 symptoms.

As ever, head to the Federal Office of Public Health website for the most up-to-date government information on safety measures.

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