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Corinne Kutz

Swiss bankers stick to home-working

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Time Out editors

It may be seen as one of the most lucrative sectors around, but the Swiss financial services industry is finding it a challenge to coax employees back to the office after months of working at home, according to a report on a financial news site.

The article on claims that with lockdown all but fully eased in most parts of Switzerland, the financial sector has been reintroducing office working at some major sites, but finding that many employees prefer to continue working at home, despite various measures in place to help maintain distancing and hygiene in offices. claims in the article that when reinsurance giant Swiss Re invited half of the 3,000 employees who normally work at its Zurich headquarters back to the building, only six percent went back to the office.

Meanwhile, other big companies are taking different steps to make their offices feel safer. In May it was widely reported that Credit Suisse was offering free, voluntary antibody tests to employees, as a way of encouraging staff to return to the office with more knowledge about whether or not they had already had Covid-19.

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