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Why we’re changing from Time Out to Time In – for the time being

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Time Out editors

Dear readers,

As the world changes day-by-day, Time Out Switzerland is changing, too, to try and reflect a little of what’s going on – and what’s not going on. We’re temporarily changing from Time Out to Time In.

As you’re all doubtlessly aware, to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Swiss Government has banned public and private events, and closed most public venues, including restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries, cinemas, museums, theatres – you get the idea. All the kinds of places that we normally love telling you about.

The government is also recommending that people stay at home where possible and limit the amount of time they spend outside. All of which means that people around Switzerland – just like the rest of the world – are staying in a whole lot more, to stay safe.

As such we’re shifting our focus for the time being. We’ll still be helping you enjoy and keep track of the cities you – and we – love so much, but in different ways, as those cities change on a daily basis. This will include shining a light on some of the great ways people are helping their communities, and more emphasis on staying culturally engaged and connected with others, while also staying home.

Essentially, Time Out Switzerland is still here for you in these strange and uncertain times.

And remember that you can find a more complete list of which establishments are closed and which are open (such as food shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and post offices) by heading to the website of the Federal Office of Public Health, where you’ll also find wider information on safety, travel and much more.

Stay safe. 

The Time Out Switzerland team.

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