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    The party in full swing in Ibiza
  2. Rumors
    Guy Gerber rocks the crowd at the Rumors party in Ibiza
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Interview with DJ and producer Guy Gerber

Israeli-born Guy Gerber founded the notorious Ibiza party brand Rumors. With a forthcoming event at Zurich's Kaufleuten, Gerber talks to Time Out about how he brings the real Ibiza spirit to the world

Written by
Celeste Neill

Israeli-born DJ and producer Guy Gerber founded the notorious Ibiza party brand Rumors, which last summer became THE hottest dance floor to see and be seen on. The unique combination of surprise line-ups, a seductive house sound track and undercurrent of sensual glamour has made it a firm favourite amongst those looking to experience the original “anything goes” Ibiza spirit. The the kind of party that should read “what happens in Rumors stays in Rumors” at the entrance door.

Rumors is in full swing of the full summer season in Ibiza at its new residency in the chic Destino resort from superclub brand Pacha. So successful has the Rumors brand become that it now tours globally out of the Ibiza season, with events in London, Los Angeles and Miami. Ahead of bringing arguably the island’s coolest club brand to Zurich on September 17, Guy Gerber talked to Time Out.

How is it going this summer so far at Destino?

‘As an artist I wanted to evolve, so we keep the same essence of Rumors but we took it to a new level from last year's events at Beachouse. The view is beautiful and we put a lot of new decoration together for it. Also a lot of people that came last season were just hanging out and not really there for the music. Now the music really has a key role again as we have space for a larger crowd who can come and connect to the music. I wanted to bring the old Ibiza into these events. The music is always Balearic, not too strong, very sexy, underground deep house vibes.’

What is the Rumors concept and why has it become so successful?

‘It appeals across generations.  One of my of best friends is 55 and she comes with all her friends. it’s a gathering for all ages - clubbers, drug dealers, hookers, artists, city marshals, pilots, everyone should be in it! Also because I am Israeli it became very international, and not just about the British or Italian scenes on the island. That also gives it a very sexy feeling too. It is more intriguing as you can meet so many different people at a Rumors party. The spirit of Ibiza is always in the party, the people feel that and it is about the love of the music and this is what translates when we play abroad. In LA it was a big street party. In London it was in a warehouse in winter. But it got everyone talking about it. The events were packed and everyone said they felt like they were in Ibiza.’

Why call it Rumors ?

I used to have this chat group about gossip in Ibiza and it was called Rumors. Also I wanted to create a concept that didn’t make me too obligated to the night and that it not just about set times and who is playing this week and when, it’s just about showing up on a Sunday and have fun. For 22 weeks in a row I party but I wanted for it to be comfortable and nice and not just about being totally smashed which I didn’t want to have every week. We don’t do big promo for it, no billboard advertising, it's just word of mouth rumors about who is playing that week.’

What’s next for the brand?

‘My dream is to open a Rumors hotel, I would love to do that in the future. I would love to do Rumors also in Bali or South Africa. But right now its pretty much how I want to be. I will be doing Rumors in Sardinia on August 4 for my birthday too but right now I’m pretty busy hosting the party in Ibiza and enjoying life on the island.’

Guy Gerber and Rumors will be at Kaufleuten in Zurich on September 17.

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