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  1. Nordstern club - Basel
    Eleni Kougionis
  2. Nordstern club - Basel
  3. Nordstern club - boat - Basel

Time Out says

Nordstern is one of Basel's best-known club spaces, the infamous party flies in a host of electronic music superstars every week.

One of the Basel's best-known nightclubs, Nordstern is at the epientre of the ity's electronic music scene booking some of the world's most famous DJs on a regular basis. The infamous boat has a killer soundsystem, a spacious dance floor (with seating around the sides if you need a breather) and a sweet chill out space which can be found in a room behind the DJ booth. Specialising in house and techno, Nordstern has a global reputation thanks to its exemplary lineup curation, and the fact that everyone who plays there can't help but coo about it once they've been... cue a plethora of mentions on social media, which all helps to add to the club's kudos of course. 

Might we add that a strict door policy for over 20s-only is in operation and is rigorously enforced by door staff. So make sure you bring your passport if you're one of those lucky, young looking people who always gets ID'd.


Westquaistrasse 19
Tram 1,11
CHF 25 - 40
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