Parade Rave

©Supermarket Supermarket is famous for its house music

A weekend like no other, Parade Rave provides something of an alternative for people who don’t fancy joining the Zurich Street Parade.

So the story goes, one weekend in the year is not like any other. At least, that’s what the Parade Rave organisers want you to believe. And they might be right: the weekend of 29th to 30th August is promising to be one long party. The Parade Rave, which takes place at Zurich West’s house music hub Supermarket, kicks off on Saturday with its rather confusingly named Sunday Breakfast. A great alternative for people who don’t want to follow the Street Parade’s lorries around Zurich, it features sets by Valentino Kanzyani, Julian Perez, Serafin, Sandro Kühne, Marco Trinkler and Flavio. Meanwhile, the Superparade gets going at 10pm, with a guest set by French DJ, producer and radio host D’Julz.

On Sunday, when the Superparade comes to a close, the Sowiesoparadepunkt warms up from noon. It promises a rendezvous with DJs representing the best of Swiss electronic: Ezikiel, Helder, Joram, Manon, Benja, Pasci, De La Maso, Playlove, Ajele, Kenel and Sonne. It ends only when the sun sets again.