Bogen 33

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Vintage furniture store in Zurich

Bogen 33 is a vintage furniture shop with lots of good chairs, plus much more, ranging from classic neon letters to rows of cinema seats. Why buy new?

Some good seats last forever, and this vintage furniture shop has quite a lot of them in stock. Ever fancied a mix and match of Vitra's best designs around your kitchen table? What about some classic neon letters or a row of original cinema seats? This vast basement store has it all and much more, and there is a second shop in the Viadukt that specialises only in chairs and tables. Why buy new when the old is still so pretty?


Venue name: Bogen 33
Address: Geroldstrasse 33
Opening hours: noon-7pm Mon-Fri; 10am-6pm Sat
Transport: Tram 4; Bus 33, 72
Static map showing venue location