Galerie Port Franc

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Galerie Port Franc
Bill HarbyA touch of '60s U.S. style
Galerie Port Franc
Bill HarbyStepping into 1960s American style

All the vintage furniture from the 1950s and '60s will have shoppers channeling their inner Mad Men.

Anyone in love with the decor in the American TV series Mad Men, will go crazy for the furniture at Galerie Port Franc. It’s full of 1950s and ’60s antiques, most of the tables, chairs, lamps, and other stuff in excellent condition at reasonable prices. And, believe it or not, delivery anywhere in Switzerland is free. Mad men and women can’t pour themselves a martini at Galerie Port Franc, but they can get coffee, tea or juice at the little bar. However, that cappuccino could cost a few hundred francs if a shopper falls in love with a retro kitchen table or chairs.

By: Bill Harby


Venue name: Galerie Port Franc
Address: Rue de Genève 21
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm-5pm, Sat: 11am–6pm
Transport: Metro Line 2 to Flon
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