Jasmine Second-Hand

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Don't be put off by this narrow, dark shop. Jasmine has extravagant pieces from names ranging from Prada to Jimmy Choo. But don't expect bargains.

Some might be put off by this stuffed, narrow and rather dark little shop, but a look at the windows tells potential customers that they will find premium quality inside if they enter with a bit of patience. Jasmine has all the extravagant pieces from the big names, ranging from Prada and Hermès to Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo. Definitely the best place in town if you are looking for a second hand Burberry trench coat - but don't expect any bargains.


Venue name: Jasmine Second-Hand
Address: Seefeldstrasse 47
Opening hours: 11am-6.30pm Mon-Fri; 11am-4pm Sat
Transport: Tram 2, 4
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