Shopping, Chocolate and sweets Altstadt Grossbasel (central Grossbasel)
©Tim Williams Xocolatl's range of high cocoa content chocolates makes the mouth water

Xocolatl specialises in delicious high cocoa content chocolate from around the world.

It’s not hard to find high quality chocolate in Switzerland, but Basel’s Xocolatl sets a new standard. Operating under the Aztec term for chocolate, the enchanting boutique overflows with intriguing bars, pralines, drinks and spreads from around the world – most with a cocoa content of around 70 per cent. From Chocolat Bonnat to Domori and Zotter, all the brands stocked work with carefully chosen small suppliers and producers. The real treat is the homemade hot chocolate prepared by owner Maren Gnädinger, which you can take a seat to enjoy. Tucked away close to the Rhine, you might not stumble across Xocolatl – but once you have, you won’t forget it in a hurry. 


Venue name: Xocolatl
Address: Marktgasse 6
Opening hours: 10am-6.30pm Tue to Fri; 9am-5pm Sat
Static map showing venue location