Rheinbad St Johann

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St Johann Rheinbadi Swimming
St Johann Rheinbadi, Bern
St Johann Rheinbadi Bern

Take the plunge into the Rhine at this historic badi.

Built in 1886, the St Johann bathing house or ‘Rhybadhysli Santihans’ as it’s also known, is the ideal spot to dip your toes in Basel’s fast-flowing river. The badi has shallow areas for non-swimmers as well as a river pool. Located in the centre of town, it has historically been a popular meeting place for Baselers, particularly when the sun is shining. Recently renovated, but retaining its nineteenth-century ‘wooden boat’ feel, Santihans has been named one of the most beautiful pools in Switzerland. 



Venue name: Rheinbad St Johann
Address: St Johanns-Rheinweg 50
Opening hours: May–Sep: daily 10am-6pm
Transport: Tram 11; Bus 30
Price: CHF6, CHF3 children
Static map showing venue location