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5 great things to do in Grächen

You’ll be spoilt for choice at this traditional resort

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The beautiful region of Grächen is celebrating 60 years of winter sports this year, which means there’s even more going on than usual at this frosty hotspot. What’s more, it’s also cemented its reputation as a first-class resort for families, with tons of facilities, activities, children’s parks and special events taking place, making it the ideal location for anyone wanting to take the children on a ski trip that the kids will actually enjoy.

But what to do once you’re in Grächen? Glad you asked, as we’ve picked out five of the many highlights below to get you started – and you’ll find plenty more ideas at the Grächen website.

5 essential Grächen activities

Bored of the same old cable car rides? Us too, which is what makes Grächen’s fairytale gondolas even more appealing. On the route that transports guests to the popular Hannigalp children’s ski area, ten of the cars have been given a colourful and eye-catching makeover, transforming them into fairytale characters like Red Riding Hood and the ‘Valiant Little Tailor’. Inside, the voice of famous Swiss actor Silvia Jost continues the story for passengers, before you arrive at Hannigalp, where four different children’s ski parks await to teach the kids how to ski – and how to have a lot of fun as well.

You’ll need to refuel after (or before) hitting the slopes, and there’s no better place to do so than Familien-Bergrestaurant, a new dining experience in the heart of the Hannigalp region. Take your pick of anything from soups to salads to burgers to pasta, or just coffee and cake if you’re keeping it light. And don’t worry about the kids getting bored while you eat, as there’s a huge ‘indoor play paradise’ to keep them happy. Make sure you also visit the restaurant’s sun terrace for stunning views of surrounding mountain peaks at 4,000 metres-above-sea-level, including the legendary Matterhorn.


Here’s another way to liven up those cable car journeys: get stuck-in to a fondue while you’re up there. Grächen visitors can book a special evening-time cable car ride with a classic fondue, wine and traditional Valaisan dessert for afters, because even post-fondue there’s always room for indulgent desserts. Sit back and enjoy the views as you cruise through the sky, just don’t gaze out for too long and let the fondue get cold!

When the skiing action stops for the day, the work of the snow-groomer teams is just beginning – and now’s your chance to climb inside one of those immense beasts and see the crews hard at work. The PistenBullys weigh around nine tons, but there’s plenty of power behind them, too, making a ride in one a unique and ultra-fun experience. Find out more about how these incredible machines work and how much snow they can shovel (clue: it’s a lot), all while you’re surrounded by breath-taking mountain scenery outside.


Grächen simply couldn’t be better equipped for families. There are 11 children’s parks in the region, filled with fun stuff to keep kids busy and thoroughly happy: climbing walls, giant slides, tube-rides, a rope park, igloos, magic carpet, race track…  And don’t worry if the weather lets you down, as there are plenty of indoor parks and areas. Best of all, the various Kinderpärkes cater for any ages, meaning that all children can learn to ski if you want to get them started on the slopes, or they can just explore the activities in the play parks. If the weather is on your side, make sure you visit the SiSu Family Park, the largest family park in Switzerland, with 50,000sqm of fun to be had. The kids will love it – and let’s be honest, so will you.

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