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Time Out says

Explore the mysteries of the deep sea in Neuchâtel.

This fascinating exhibition takes you on a journey to the rarely-seen depths of the world's oceans. Up until around 100 years ago, people thought nothing lived this far below the surface. In fact, it's a rich and intriguing place that's one of the world's final frontiers for science and exploration. Before entering the exhibition, you're issued with a guidebook (in either French or English) complete with a light, which comes in handy, as the rooms are mostly in darkness, with large illuminated photos and tanks showing taxidermy displays of the weird and wonderful creatures that dwell down where sunlight doesn’t penetrate. The show is divided into several zones for different levels of depth and exploration, with information in both English and French, and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening way to spend a few hours in Neuchâtel. 

Written by
claire doble


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