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Bernina Express
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There are train rides that pass through UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but for Bernina Express it actually runs on one!


The famed Bernina Express really is a wonder of civil engineering, and as the accolades states, it is a marvel to experience. The Rhaetian Railway train journey runs from eastern Switzerland, Chur, to Tirano in Italy, in around four hours, and you’ll be travelling through a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a significant chunk of the route. It’s a spectacular way to travel across the Alps.

If you’re starting out at one of the Swiss points (Chur, Davos or St Moritz), you’ll traverse through icy lands and snowy Alpine mountains, which will gradually transform into
something far different in Tirano: palm trees. Sit back and soak it up through panoramic train carriage windows, and refuel at the on-board restaurant and bar. The Hogwarts Express will seem pretty bland by comparison by the time your journey is finished. Make sure to book as far ahead as possible, as it’s a popular way to travel.


Venue name: Bernina Express
Address: Rhätische Bahn AG
Bahnhofstrasse 25
CH - 7002 Chur
Transport: Chur, Riechenau-Tamin, Thusis, Fillisur, Davos Platz, Bergun/Bravuogr, Preda, Samedan, St. Moritz, Pontresina, Morteratsch, Osipizio Bernina, Alp Grum, Poschiavo, La Prese, Brusio, Tirano
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