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Bernina Express
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There are train rides that pass through UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but for Bernina Express it actually runs on one!

The Bernina line that service the South-East corner of Switzerland is wonder of civil engineering, and as the accolades states, it is a marvel to experience. The express starts from Chur and winds down to the Italian border town of Tirano in around 4 hours. Passing through glaciers and mountain passes, Bernina Express stops by skiing hot spot towns like St. Moritz, Preda and Davos Platz. The carriages come with panoramic views and a minibar on-board offers refreshments. The Bernina Express comes with a strict reservation policy of three month advance booking, so book ahead if you want to catch a mountain ride through the rugged Swiss landscape. 

By: Vin Shahrestani


Venue name: Bernina Express
Address: Rhätische Bahn AG
Bahnhofstrasse 25
CH - 7002 Chur
Transport: Chur, Riechenau-Tamin, Thusis, Fillisur, Davos Platz, Bergun/Bravuogr, Preda, Samedan, St. Moritz, Pontresina, Morteratsch, Osipizio Bernina, Alp Grum, Poschiavo, La Prese, Brusio, Tirano