Fashionhotel 2015

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Fashionhotel 2015
©Fashionhotel Fashionhotel transforms Zurich's 25 Hours Hotel into a fashion pop-up shop like no other

A pop-up shop like no other, Fashionhotel transforms Zurich’s 25 Hours Hotel into a fashion emporium filled with stalls, labels, DJs and product launches.

Following a successful launch in 2014, the Fashionhotel returns to Zurich’s 25 Hours Hotel again with an offering to please even the most discerning fashionistas. As if with the touch of a fairy godmother’s wand, the hotel in the gritty industrial quarter will be transformed into a fashion house. Lounges and bars are planned for the lobby, while the corridors will become high streets, with the rooms housing pop-up shops by both big brands and local designers. There is also a programme of fashion shows and DJ sets.

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