Rochers de Naye

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Rochers de Naye
©Swiss Tourism/Philipp Giegel
Rochers de Naye
©Caroline Bishop
Rochers de Naye
©Caroline Bishop

Hike or take the train to one of the best viewpoints around.

At 2,042 metres and yet entirely accessible by train from Montreux, the summit of Rochers de Naye is one of the most attainable alpine peaks in Switzerland, which leads to the rather odd sight of tourists in high heels and other inappropriate attire standing on top of a mountain without having broken a sweat. You can hike up, but when there’s such a lovely (and easy) hour-long cogwheel train ride to be had instead, it’s tempting to forgo the effort.

Either way, the top affords stunning views over Lake Geneva, the Jura and Vaud Alps. Take your time to explore the various trails, one of which leads to an alpine garden, another which goes along a ridge past marmot breeding grounds. There’s a café/restaurant by the train station and, if you want to stay longer, you can even book a night in one of the seven Mongolian Love Yurts installed on the peak.


Venue name: Rochers de Naye

Transport: Cogwheel train
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