Sightseeing in the Old Town

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  1. Sightseeing in the Old Town
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  2. Sightseeing in the Old Town Basel
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Time Out says

Stroll through the old city of Basel down to the river in order to appreciate the beauty of this historic town.

A stroll in the Old Town is highly recommended to get to grips with Basel’s extensive and very well preserved historic heritage. While the winding cobbled streets are perhaps best explored without too much of a plan in mind, there are some sights you should make sure to include in your itinerary. The Mittlere Brücke has been an international trade route since at least the 14th century and has allowed traffic to cross the Rhine in comfort since it was first built in 1226. It’s one of the best places to appreciate the beauty of Basel on the river and the juxtaposition of new and old architecture, especially at sunset. The Spalentor - the imposing gateway to the walled city centre of yore - has survived intact from 1400 and gives some insight into Basel medieval era. Finally, the Rathaus in Marktplatz is the historic seat of power in Basel and remains home to the city council to this day; a long and fascinating history can be discovered on the guided tours that run twice every Saturday.


Mittlere Brücke
Tram 8,11
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