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Titanic expo
Titanic expo

Explore the world's most famous ship in this major exhibition.

Seen all over the world, this exhibition tells the story of Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage. From the moment you pick up your ticket – a copy of a real boarding pass – you’re immersed in the world of the ‘unsinkable’ ship which was travelling from Southampton to New York when disaster struck in the shape of an iceberg. Detailed recreations of the interior of the ship and its glamorous cabins give a real sense of what it was like to be on board, while displays of over 200 real artefacts salvaged from the deep help tell the stories of the people on board. Created especially for the Swiss leg of the exhibition’s journey is a section devoted to the 27 Swiss passengers and crew on board, explaining why they were there and what happened to them. Fascinating yet poignant, the story of the Titanic has mesmerised the world for over a century, so it’s no wonder that this exhibition has been so popular it’s extended its stay in Geneva by an extra month to cope with demand.