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Unforgettable hiking routes around Ticino

Strap on those walking boots and get ready to be blown away by Ticino’s natural beauty, as you explore this immense region on foot

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Hiking has always been the best way to experience Switzerland, and that’s never been more true than in Ticino. Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll or an advanced excursion to get to grips with the landscape, Ticino has the perfect hike for you. And the area’s extensive mountainous scenery means that wherever you choose to walk, you’ll encounter truly memorable views.

Below, we’ve handpicked four fantastic trails that let you soak up some of Ticino’s finest vistas. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of storage left on your phone before you set out, as you’ll be taking a whole lot of pictures along the way.

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Ticino’s unforgettable hiking routes

This 5km circular hike offers spectacular views across the Alps and Lake Lugano, thanks to a mountain peak that sits a mighty 1,700 metres above sea level. Beginning at the mountain’s summit rail station via a journey on the cog railway (which celebrates its 130th birthday this year), the route leads to Monte Generoso, passing 11 nevère (storage huts once used to keep milk cold) along the way. From the peak you’ll be able to see the Alps, including mountains over in Valais, Graubünden and even Central Switzerland.

Known as the ‘Sugarloaf Mountain of Switzerland’, San Salvatore is blessed with superb panoramic views, revealing Lake Lugano, the Po Valley and the Swiss Alps in all their glory. This popular hiking route guides walkers from the mountain’s summit through verdant chestnut forests and eventually to the relaxed and pretty village of Morcote. The 10km trail takes around three hours and is easy to complete, passing sights such as the Parco San Grato botanical garden in Carona and a 17th century pilgrimage church, Madonna d’Ongero. Make sure you leave time to enjoy Morcote’s charms once the walking is over, and afterwards you can even take the boat back to Lugano.

If you’re looking for a more challenging route that’s also ultimately rewarding, make your way over to Monte Tamaro. This unique journey – measuring almost 13km and taking around five hours – lifts you up into the clouds, providing awe-inspiring views across both Locarno and Lugano. Begin at Rivera and head to the Alpe Foppa by cable-car, before climbing toward Monte Tamaro’s summit. The trail then follows mountain paths, eventually arriving at Monte Lema, where you’ll find the very best of those sky-high views. When you’re at Alpe Foppa, remember to look out for Mario Botta’s striking Santa Maria degli Angeli church.

Feeling adventurous? Even though this route doesn’t ascend a mountain (Monte Carasso is the name of the area, next to Bellinzona), it traverses the mountainside above the Magadino Plain and the highlight is making your way across one of the longest suspension bridges in Switzerland. The 270-metre-long ‘Tibetan bridge’ of Carasc connects to the hilltop village of Curzútt and you’ll need a bit of a head for heights, but the dramatic views from the bridge are definitely worth the bravery. Elsewhere, the route runs through vineyards and past the San Bernardo church in Curzútt, which boasts incredible frescoes, making this a varied and fascinating trail to tackle.

Explore more of Ticino by foot

The paths above are just a few of the many incredible routes that Ticino offers. Find more information about exploring the region and start booking your ultimate hiking trip at

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