Zurich Airport

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Zurich Airport
Zurich Airport
Zurich Airport
Zurich Airport

Zurich's international airport is world-class.

As airports go, Zurich Flughaven is one of the nicest around, which makes arriving in or departing from Switzerland from here a rather pleasant experience. Zurich Kloten is spacious, generally calm and easy to navigate through. There's a slew of all the usual duty free shops, with a focus on local products, so if you've left your Swiss chocolate or high-end watch shopping until the last minute, you need not despair. Although it's worth noting that it can take up to 30 minutes to get to some of the further-away gates, so don't get distracted with shopping and forget the time! The airport also has great family facilities including an observation deck and kids' mini-airport play area that can be accessed whether you're travelling or not (it costs CHF5 and you'll need to go through security, but it's worth it). Getting to and from Zurich airport is no problem - there's excellent public transport links to central Zurich and the nearby hub of Oerlikon via tram, train or bus. 

By: Claire Doble


Venue name: Zurich Airport
Transport: Tram 10, 12; Bus 16, S-bahn.
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