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Taylor Swift performing on her Eras Tour in the US
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6 expert tips to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in the UK

Swifties take note: this is your guide to securing those precious Eras Tour tickets

Liv Kelly
Written by
Liv Kelly

Ever since the first shows of her Eras tour back in March, the Tiktok feeds of Swifties everywhere have almost entirely consisted of clips of Taylor herself, sparkling gorgeously in huge stadiums across the US and performing hit after hit from across her ten studio albums. Nothing quite sums up the envy of watching this glittering online spectacle, with Swifties everywhere nervously awaiting the announcement of her international tour dates. 

When Swift finally released those dates on Instagram in June, it’s no surprise there was a lengthy queue just to register for tickets. She is the most streamed female artist in the world, after all. 

As of this morning (July 5), we Swifties have been anxiously checking our emails, waiting to see if we’ve been sent a code from Ticketmaster, or the commiserating alternative: that we’re on the waiting list. While I sit refreshing my inbox, here are six tips for securing those golden tickets, once you have your lucky code. 

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1. Swifties of the world, unite!

Bad news: if you didn’t spend a whole day in the queue for registration (as some of us did), it is sadly too late to register for tickets. But never fear, Swifties are a uniquely committed fanbase when it comes to all things Taylor, and we propose that the best option, should you have missed the Ticketmaster registration deadline, is to strike up a deal with someone who did. Perhaps, in exchange for one of their four potential tickets, you can offer up some more devices to help join the queue, or they can perch on your shoulders during ‘Lover’ to hopefully catch Taylor’s eye — whatever works. 

2. Clear your 2024 diary

Having released three new albums since her last tour in 2018, and having experienced a preview of this gleaming extravaganza of a show, we are all desperate for tickets. This is, without a doubt, her biggest tour ever, and many of us are preparing to go far and wide to see it. 

Londoners alone have registered for Paris, Edinburgh and even Oslo dates, with plans to turn the event into a fully-fledged holiday should they get their hands on tickets. Needless to say that for Swifties, no journey is too long to watch Mother Mothering, this is just a reminder to make sure that when you frantically buy a ticket to Barcelona that you don’t have a family wedding to get back to the next day. 

3. Get organised 

The Lucky Ones (Taylor’s Version) will be those of us who registered on time and receive their Ticketmaster code today, on 5 July. But even if you are only notified about your position on the measly waiting list, please take note of the very important sale date on this email. 

And when we say take note, we mean it. Write it in your diary, add it to your calendar, set an alarm, set a reminder, and then set another, put it on the group chats and block that hour out of your work schedule. Tattoo it on your forehead if necessary. This is not a tour to be missed, and neither is the ticket drop. 

4. Have a game plan 

You’ve got your code, you know the date, you know how many devices you have available in your home to dedicate to the queue, and you’ve probably already planned your outfit. But one major thing which you might forget to discuss is how much you are actually willing to pay. 

We all know Ticketmaster is being sued in the US for its handling of the first round of ticket sales, with some fans experiencing major errors and only being able to access tickets that cost over $1000. The official ticket prices for the international tour are yet to be announced, but it is suspected that general standing tickets could be going for £95. 

It’s unlikely the same chaos which ensued in the US will happen again, but instead of scrambling on the group chat to argue over whether being binocular-required distance away for £270 is worth it, agree on a maximum price in advance, and stick to it. 

5. Screen time 

Some of us will be highly experienced in the ticket scramble, others will be fresh blood on the battlefield. One thing everyone should know is that the fight cannot be one with just one screen as your weapon. 

Your phone, your laptop, your housemate’s laptop, that random iPad with the broken screen that you haven’t switched on since 2017, and even your Nintendo Switch need to be fully charged and ready to go before the sales go live. 

To better your chances further, you need all your devices to be operating as fast as possible. Install all updates before the big day to prevent the dreaded slog while you’re switching it on. Check your Wi-Fi signal and sit as close to the router as possible. Have multiple browsers open, but only use one tab on each — even clearing your search history can speed up your device. 

6. Pre-save your payment info 

Making sure your preferred card is the default on Apple Pay, Google Pay or any kind of virtual wallet is going to seriously save you some time. If you can just type in the three-digit security code when the tickets are in your basket, it could be the difference between success and failure. 

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